Medical Malpractice

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NWI Medical Malpractice Attorneys

A doctor has the legal responsibility to provide standard medical care to patients. A failure to do this may constitute medical malpractice and may offer a patient the opportunity to seek financial compensation for the injuries he or she has sustained.

At The Law Office of Paul A. Rossi, LLC, we represent patients throughout Indiana who have been injured as the result of medical malpractice or medical negligence by any medical professional, such as a doctor, surgeon, anesthesiologist, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or plastic surgeon. We are committed to providing high-quality legal representation with a foundation in personalized service and individual attention.

Talking to an Indiana medical malpractice lawyer is an important action to take if you believe that you may have been injured because of substandard care provided to you by a doctor. Our firm provides consultations, offering you the valuable opportunity to learn more about your legal rights and your options in regard to your medical malpractice claim. We do not get paid unless we win your medical malpractice case.

Medical Errors

A medical error may be described as any type of mistake or error that takes place in the medical field. It may be committed by a doctor, nurse, surgeon, anesthesiologist, lab technician, or other medical professional involved in the care, treatment, or diagnosis of a patient. If the patient is injured as a result of this mistake, the responsible individual or facility may be held legally accountable. This is accomplished by filing a medical malpractice complaint against the responsible party with the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) and possibly or ultimately in civil court.

Establishing Malpractice

The key to obtaining a successful outcome will be proving that substandard medical care was provided and that the patient suffered some type of quantifiable injury. We handle medical malpractice cases for our Indiana clients by thoroughly investigating the matter in order to determine how the medical professional deviated from what was currently considered acceptable medical care. We also work with expert witnesses and investigators to properly determine the true value of our clients’ claims.

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Handling Medical Malpractice Claims in Indiana

Medical malpractice claims are often complicated and may be difficult to deal with if you do not have the proper legal experience and the resources to conduct a complete investigation into the matter. That is where the skilled legal team at The Law Office of Paul A. Rossi, LLC comes into the picture. We have been representing injury victims in Indiana since 1997 and have more than 35 years of collective attorney experience to apply to your particular case. This experience, combined with our resources and the drive to provide you with the best legal representation possible, has allowed us to protect our clients’ rights and interests in their medical malpractice claims while seeking the highest amount of financial compensation possible.

Our Indiana medical malpractice attorneys may be able to help with your claim regardless of the specific matter it may involve, such as unnecessary surgery, a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, medication error, medical error, surgical injury, or anesthesia mistake. We work with medical professionals to act as expert witnesses and thoroughly evaluate all aspects of our clients’ cases to determine and then prove the exact act, or failure to act, that led to our client’s injuries. For your case evaluation, contact The Law Office of Paul A. Rossi, LLC today.


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