Drug Charges

In the state of Indiana, drug charges are regarded with utmost seriousness. They carry substantial penalties, including prison time, probation and hefty fines. The future may seem uncertain when facing such charges, and its ripple effects can be life-altering. It is in these critical moments that the need for a skilled, experienced defense attorney becomes paramount. At the Law Office of Paul A. Rossi, LLC, we stand ready to protect your future and guide you through the legal complexities surrounding drug charges in Indiana. Trust our capable attorneys to defend your rights.

Understanding Indiana’s Drug Possession Laws

Indiana law does not take drug possession lightly, and being found with illegal substances or unprescribed controlled substances can lead to serious penalties. It’s important to note that Indiana distinguishes between “actual possession” and “constructive possession.” Actual possession means you were found directly holding or carrying the drug, whereas constructive possession implies you had knowledge of the drug and the ability to control it, even if it wasn’t on your person. It’s important to note that Indiana law does not necessitate ownership for a possession charge; merely having control over the substance can lead to severe legal consequences.

Potential Penalties at a Glance

The consequences for drug possession in Indiana vary widely depending on several factors, including the type and amount of drug involved. Here are some potential penalties you might face:

  • Marijuana Possession: Can be charged as a Level 5 felony for possessing 30 grams or more with a prior conviction.
  • Possession of Controlled Substances: Can be classified as a Class A misdemeanor or a Level 6 felony, with penalties including fines and incarceration.
  • Methamphetamine Possession: Depending on the amount, these charges can range from a Level 6 felony to a Level 3 felony.

Several factors can lead to enhanced sentences for drug crimes in Indiana:

  • Firearm Possession: If the defendant had a firearm while committing the drug offense, it can result in harsher punishments.
  • Type of Drug: The potential for abuse and medical use of a drug, as outlined in Indiana’s drug schedules, can influence sentencing.
  • Prior Criminal History: Defendants with prior convictions may face enhanced sentences for subsequent offenses.
  • Aggravating Circumstances: Some factors, such as if the drug crime was committed within 500 feet of a school or park while a minor was reasonably expected to be present, can enhance penalties.

Understanding the Sentencing Process for Drug Charges

When an individual is convicted of a drug crime in Indiana, a sentencing hearing follows. During this hearing, the judge considers various factors, such as the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

The prosecution presents evidence and argues for harsh punishment. However, the defendant also has the opportunity to present evidence and testimony in favor. This could include rehabilitation efforts, mitigating personal circumstances and lack of criminal history, among others.

The sentence determined by the judge can range from below to above the recommended sentencing guidelines, influenced by the evidence presented during the hearing. Working with a seasoned attorney makes it possible to craft a persuasive argument aimed at achieving the most favorable outcome. 

Don’t Let Drug Charges Compromise Your Future

Facing drug charges in Indiana can be a daunting experience, fraught with uncertainty and fear of severe penalties. However, understanding the process, classifications, and factors influencing sentencing is the first step toward navigating these charges. At the Law Office of Paul A. Rossi, LLC, we are committed to standing by your side, offering informed guidance, and advocating for your rights throughout this challenging journey. If you or a loved one is grappling with drug charges, contact our firm to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.


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